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Our Social Impact Solutions


Standard leverages our technology and resources to drive social innovation and social impact. We have established a growing ecosystem of projects that generate positive social change for communities. We leverage social engineering to build engaged communities that distribute value. We amplify important social and political issues. We support positive educational and personal development outcomes. We empower change-makers and foster equal access to education and economic opportunities. Find out more about our social impact solutions below.


Social Engineering

Our Engaged Social Networks model pioneers a new model of building organic engagement in online communities. Our BattlePACs initiative empowers young people worldwide by providing resources and platforms to amplify their voices. BattlePACs cultivates a global community of emerging leaders addressing social, economic, and environmental challenges. By fostering an ecosystem of support and collaboration, we enable young change-makers to develop innovative solutions and create a lasting impact in their communities.


Access to Education:

We believe that equal access to quality education is a fundamental right and a powerful catalyst for positive change. StandardDAO partners with educational institutions, nonprofits, and technology providers to develop and implement innovative edtech solutions that bridge the digital divide and reach underserved communities. Our involvement in these initiatives ensures that we contribute our expertise, resources, and passion for education to maximize their impact and foster lifelong learning opportunities for all.


International Development:

We strive to foster economic inclusion and equal opportunities for marginalized communities by empowering entrepreneurship, job creation, and skills development programs. We collaborate with local and international organizations, businesses, and governments to develop and implement initiatives that enable individuals to achieve financial independence and contribute to their community's growth. Our commitment to these projects ensures that our investments are coupled with the necessary resources, guidance, and expertise to create sustainable, long-lasting change.