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Real estate

Our Investment Solutions


We identify and unlock value in the global market by addressing large-scale problems and inefficiencies, creating sustainable solutions that drive long-term growth. StandardDAO engages in the acquisition, development, and management of real estate, and in country-building and economic development.


Real Estate Acquisition and Development

StandardDAO engages in the acquisition, development, and management of real estate properties with significant upside potential. Our investments span various property types, including residential, commercial, and industrial, with an emphasis on projects that contribute to community development and long-term value creation. Our team of experienced professionals works closely with local stakeholders to identify and execute on opportunities, applying our insights and resources to drive success and generate positive social and economic impact.


Global Infrastructure

Through our Global Infrastructure projects, we partner with governments and NGOs to create solutions that enhance economic growth and social progress while preserving environmental and cultural integrity. Our projects strengthen the public-private sector collaboration and drive innovation, transparency, and accountability. We mobilize our expertise and resources to develop cost-effective solutions and maximize the impact of our investments, contributing to the growth and prosperity of the communities in which we operate.


Market Inefficiencies

We identify and invest in areas where market inefficiencies create opportunities for substantial impact including but not limited to commodities, energy, and agriculture. Our resources enable us to leverage the latest technologies, data, and advanced analytics to optimize our partnerships’ long-term potential and maximize their impact. StandardDAO's strategic identification of these assets maximizes returns while minimizing risks and promoting responsible resource development. Our deep understanding of market dynamics and industry trends ensures that our investments are well-positioned to capture emerging opportunities that drive meaningful change and long-term value creation.