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We are pleased to announce we were recently accepted into NVIDIA's Inception Program!

Pioneering Next-Gen
Business Infrastructure

We're augmenting workflows with AI/ML so companies can produce more high value outcomes.

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AI Matching Technology

An administrative support agent that automatically creates workflows that connect the dots between people and data that humans can't see.

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24/7 Business Workmate

An autonomous coworker that executes operational workflows in your business.

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Custom Enterprise Workflows

Customizing frameworks for Companies and Governments to maximize growth in the highest value industries

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Commercial Data

Standard's Tech Stack

High Value Outcomes








Increased Transactions Improved Collaboration Efficient Matching Unique Opportunities Enhanced Connectivity Reduced Manual Work


We are pioneering a new approach to business transactions and collaborations with the combination of decentralized systems and AI-powered technology, an innovative blend of smart technologies that connects the dots between people and transactions that humans can’t see.


Our Ecosystem partners include the most prominent tech companies, consulting firms, infrastructure and development firms, and financial institutions which aid in providing a robust ecosystem to ensure we can meet any business need.


Our AI-driven Smart Match Protocol (SMP) streamlines data handling and automation. We blend this tech with an agile structure to unlock unprecedented efficiency across specific sectors.


Our dedicated team of experts and professionals hail from a number of high value industries, bringing rich experience and diverse perspectives that have been instrumental in shaping our innovative solutions.

Target Sectors

Government and Commercial Contracts

Closing the gap for SMEs to source and secure high value contracts.

Real Estate

Enabling brokers and agents and their clients to more efficiently close deals.


Accelerating the connection between companies and their most optimal workforce.

Large Enterprise

Cutting through the noise between and within departments to drive valuable outcomes for organizations.

M&A and Investments

Automatically connecting the dots between investors and companies.


Digital infrastructure to enhance liquidity and business connectivity

Standard Stories

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The Future of AI - Insights from a Tech Industry Leader

The Future of AI - Insights from a Tech Industry Leader

What does the future hold for artificial intelligence? How will it impact jobs and the economy? Can we develop AI responsibly and ethically? Get valuable perspectives on these key questions in an exclusive interview with Aaron Rafferty, a leading builder in the tech industry. He provides an informed, balanced view on where AI is heading and its implications for society. In this thoughtful discussion, Rafferty shares insider knowledge on: The potential for AI to automate tasks vs. augment human capabilities Ensuring AI is created and used for social benefit Possible economic impacts and workforce disruption Approaches for developing ethical, transparent AI The promise and risks of more advanced AI systems Join us as Rafferty weighs in on the debate surrounding one of the most transformative technologies of our time. Gain nuanced understanding of the responsible development of AI to enhance human potential.