The Rise of Social Media Monopolies: Accessing digital oil through influencers and creators

Much like the scramble for oil that defined the early 20th century, we're witnessing a modern-day gold rush, with the attention online influencers command serving as the new black gold. What can we learn about the modern attention economy by looking at it through this lens of comparison to the oil economy?




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We believe in the transformative power of people and technology to shape a better future. We are dedicated to addressing the world's most pressing challenges by developing innovative solutions across three core verticals: Social Impact, Innovation, and Strategic Investments. Our diverse team of experts, global network of partners, and commitment to sustainable, ethical practices allow us to make a lasting difference in the communities we serve.

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We empower change-makers and foster equal access to education and economic opportunities.

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We unlock value in the global market by addressing large-scale problems and inefficiencies.

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Standard’s powerful economic ecosystem is built on forming strategic partnerships with leading companies globally

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So in essence, Standard DAO to me feels like it is a hybrid approach to this medium of exchange. The last store of value and then on the flip side, it has a utility which then could become some form of medium exchange or the possibilities are endless of where you can go with it. I don't think you would do this without blockchain. You'd be crazy to try to do this project with previous technology. So it's one of those examples in my view of a great use of blockchain and cryptocurrencies in that respect. So it's something I think that will push the technology forward. But also I feel like Standard mitigates a lot, or starts to mitigate, a lot of the risk.

Stephen Forte
Managing Partner at Fresco Capital

it's just really fascinating, the ecosystem, the energy, the ability to just morph and change into different things as the market evolves and do it very quickly on a very level playing field and have a ton of opportunity, which I just don't see going away.

Sam Gaer
CEO and CIO at Katana Financial LLC

We were even talking about the real estate in the metaverse and how can we link the Bahia villages... and how StandardDAO can play into (the) impact of that. There's almost no limit. There's an infinity of possibilities when you're working in this space and you're helping the real-life planet and the virtual planet become conscious.

Dean Delisle
Chief Revenue Officer at S2A Modular

We had already been having many conversations about getting into this space so it wasn't anything new to us. And when we heard what you stand for at Standard, it made perfect sense for us to try to bridge this relationship, and we are happy to be part of the team and look forward to the future of working with Standard on all of these projects

John Rowland
President and Co-founder at S2A Modular

I think Standard is a great project and I'm really interested in DAOs myself personally. I think there is a great future for Standard because it gives the general type of infrastructure for representing organizations and ownership interests and so on. And there's a lot of overlap with what we're doing in the Tokenization space. I think there's a lot of synergies...

Claus Skaaning
CEO at DigiShares

I'm really a believer in digital assets and blockchain, but some of my predictions (regarding regulatory affairs in the digital assets space) have been pretty spot on.

Dina Ellis Rochkind
Counsel at Paul Hastings Government Affairs Practice

Standard DAO is one of the few projects providing true utility. My business with Plugd focuses on real-world infrastructure. Partnering with Standard allows my users to access even greater value out of our chargers and gives me the ability to scale the business even faster.

Paul C. Daniel II
Co-founder and CEO at Plugd LLC