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Standard Solutions & Target sectors

Standard Solutions: The Gateway to the Future of Business

Customizing frameworks for Companies and Governments to maximize growth in the highest value industries.

Standard Solutions is a bespoke service designed to provide custom solutions that drive growth and optimal planning for businesses and government agencies. Leveraging our extensive technological capabilities, strategic partnerships, and agile framework, we aim to address complex challenges and deliver impactful results. In the future, Standard Solutions envisions a world where businesses and government agencies can overcome their most significant challenges through custom, technology-driven and people-driven solutions. We aim to become an indispensable partner in driving growth, stability, and positive change across various sectors and regions. Our agile framework, technological capabilities, and strategic partnerships position us uniquely to deliver on this vision.


  • Process Engineering
  • Strategy Formulation
  • Predictive Analytic
  • Decision Support
  • Digital Transformation 
  • Market Expansion

Active Solutions

1. Fintech Fraud Detection (KYC/AML)

Final Stages of a Landmark Contract:First active use case of the Standard frameworks to get to the final stages of a contract for a digital money transfer fraud detection system, set to generate up to $100M in net revenue in the first year alone in transaction fees.

We Created Efficient Workflows:Manually used strategic and semi-automated networking workflows to build the most valuable relationships and reduced the execution time from a typical 2 years to just 7 months.

Our Workflows Solved Complex Problems:To close this contract, we had to tackle intricate geopolitical and financial challenges that deterred investment and hindered the country's economic development.

We Became the Go-To Solution:Standard's frameworks not only fast-tracked the contract finalization but also positioned us as the go-to solution for complex cross-sector collaborations, opening up a plethora of opportunities across industries.

2. Real Estate Brokerage

Real Estate Brokerage is a market facing huge inefficiencies.Manual networking between agents and clients causes friction, while Standard automatically matches agents and clients for streamlined coordination. 

Our software taps into the potential of unused data in real estate transactions. We build intelligent models using AI algorithms to uncover hidden insights. This allows us to make matches no human would ever think to make, accelerating connections between ideal buyers and sellers.

The tangible product we are going to market with first is a solution for real estate brokers and agents whereby our technology carries out these three main MVP features in a closed beta:1. Seller Matching:When a new listing is created, we immediately run it through our model to identify buyer agents in our network who are relevant matches. We notify those agents automatically via their preferred channel, allowing listing agents to tap new prospects in minutes.2. Buyer Matching:We analyze buyer agents' transaction history, specialty, wish lists, and other attributes to recommend listing agents who align with their clients' needs and have soon-to-hit-market properties. This allows buyer agents to connect with potential partners faster.3. Asset Matching:By comparing a buyer's preferences to all available listings, we can highlight properties they may have otherwise overlooked. This expands options for clients.

The key points of the above features are the following:

1. Agents are doing less of the mundane day to day prospecting, to create more relationships that drive real results; and
2. Agents are connecting with people they never thought to connect to before based on the new data pathways we make available.

Target Sectors

Real Estate Brokerage - $200B+ US market facing huge inefficiencies. Manual networking between agents and clients causes friction, while Standard automatically matches agents and clients for streamlined coordination. In addition to the above, we are uniquely positioned to find off market properties. 

M&A and Investments - Standard can match investors to acquisition targets and surface non-obvious deal opportunities. Our tech capitalizes on 1% of the $5 trillion global M&A market, using AI to identify optimized deals representing $50 billion in potential revenue. Finding appropriate targets and partners for deals involves guesswork, but Standard combines deep industry knowledge and predictive AI modeling to surface optimized deal opportunities without the guesswork.

Government and Commercial Contract Procurement - AI and automation will be critical to improving procurement and contracting efficiency. $600B+ in federal contracts are awarded annually. Opaque decision processes and complex applications exclude many qualified vendors. Standard solves this by matching vendors to optimal contracts using AI. Our tech can enhance large-scale procurement processes, bid management, vendor allocation, and budgeting.

Large Enterprise - Nearly every major company needs workflow optimization as well as improved procurement and contracting. Fortune 500 companies  spend more than $1.5T on IT, and are still plagued by siloed data and asynchronous teams. Data and departmental silos stifle enterprise productivity and collaboration. Standard solves this by breaking down silos by enhancing connectivity and aligning employees, data and tools. 

Staffing - Virtually every employer needs optimized talent and human resource identification. The projected $598 billion global staffing market represents a $6 billion opportunity by using AI to match just 1% of candidates to optimal roles. Difficulty identifying apt talent for unlisted roles frustrates hiring, but Standard predicts best-fit candidates using historical match data.

Fintech - Nearly every financial transaction and process can be optimized by Standard. With the fintech market projected to reach $309 billion, Standard can target 1% of spend via AI optimization. Fragmented legacy systems cause friction, however our tech seamlessly connects processes to enhance speed, access and transparency.