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CRE Hawk Delivers AI-Driven Actionable Insights and Automation For Commercial Real Estate Industry

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Monday, Oct 2, 2023 / Technology / By Standard Labs

CRE Hawk Delivers AI-Driven Actionable Insights and Automation For Commercial Real Estate Industry

Standard unveiled CRE Hawk, the first-of-its-kind prop-tech solution tailored specifically for the commercial real estate (CRE) sector. CRE Hawk stands out as one of the first intelligent platforms to deliver an AI solution that enhances the decision-making process in real-time. Set against the backdrop of an industry that, according to Deloitte, sees 61% of its professionals emphasizing the need for improved technology integration, CRE Hawk promises to be the game-changer the market has been waiting for.

CRE Hawk delivers a dynamic interface that provides CRE professionals access to data in real-time, using reinforcement learning to continuously enhance outcomes created from real-world events. The platform uses a combination of triggers, insights, and workflow automation to provide CRE professionals with a competitive edge against their peers.

Aaron Rafferty, CEO of Standard, shared,

“Many platforms out there, like ChatGPT, are yet to harness AI’s full potential for individual industries. AI’s power isn’t just initiating and responding; it’s about proactively serving tailored insights. With CRE Hawk, you don’t always need to interact with the AI – it understands and anticipates your needs.”

The platform seamlessly integrates information from diverse sources—news, property data, user-specific data—to deliver actionable insights of unparalleled value. But it doesn’t stop there. CRE Hawk goes the extra mile, automating tasks associated with these insights, ensuring professionals can act swiftly and efficiently.

A product born from Standard’s mission to supercharge workflows in high-value industries like contract procurement, real estate, staffing, business brokerage, and M&A, CRE Hawk doesn’t just provide data—it offers intelligent, real-time insights. Drawing inspiration from consumer behavior models like those used by Netflix, CRE Hawk learns and understands each user’s unique needs based on data consumption and positive and negative feedback loops. This ensures that every piece of information and insight is tailored to individual preferences and requirements for success.

This release comes at a pivotal time considering the current economic landscape in the CRE sector with bankruptcies, interest rates, and workplace vacancies approaching all-time highs since the ’08 housing collapse. This, coupled with the rapidly evolving workplace dynamics for CRE professionals, with the majority of CRE firms either active in or seeking to begin their digital transformation, underscores the urgency for a solution like CRE Hawk to uplift the sector.

Through extensive research and consultations with over 250 CRE professionals, Standard’s executive team identified key areas of concern—data overload, fragmented tools, and collaboration challenges. With its suite of features and AI-driven capabilities, CRE Hawk is poised to address these issues and more.

Standard’s distinctive “stakeholder model” further sets this launch apart. This unique approach, where initial testers were invited to become stakeholders, ensured that the product was informed and validated by real-world industry insights.

Rafferty commented on the potential of this model,

“The stakeholder model is more than just a novel approach for Standard; it represents the future of agile startup funding and development, especially in the fast-paced world of AI. By intertwining product development with validation from its eventual users, we’re not just ensuring product-market fit but democratizing the innovation process. I truly believe this could be the blueprint for all future startups.”

Rafferty has been consistently at the forefront of advocating for agility in organizational structures. Speaking at the World Agility Forum last year, Aaron emphasized the need for new models that actively integrate their employees, fostering environments that swiftly adapt to market dynamics and capitalize on opportunities. This is the core architecture that CRE Hawk is based on, ensuring its continual evolution.

With global economic shifts impacting the CRE industry, tools offering clarity, efficiency, and strategic direction are more crucial than ever. As CBRE highlights, “While fewer CRE teams currently use data for predictive analytics, digital transformation to achieve next-level value is becoming a major focus for forward-thinking CRE teams.” The introduction of CRE Hawk couldn’t be more timely.

Rafferty added,

“Our platform doesn’t just respond to real-world events; it creates them. Imagine being a property manager and being presented with potential clients without initiating a search. Or envision a scenario where, as a landlord, you’re automatically informed about factors impacting your property. That’s the intelligence and foresight CRE Hawk brings to the table.”

While the platform does offer search capabilities, its essence lies in its proactive intelligence. If Standard’s vision holds, CRE Hawk’s model won’t just redefine the CRE industry—it will set the gold standard for any sector relying on data for decision-making.

About CRE Hawk

CRE Hawk is a cutting-edge platform crafted specifically for the commercial real estate (CRE) sector. Developed by Standard, this innovative solution harnesses the power of cloud technology, AI, and automation to address CRE professionals’ unique challenges. At its core, CRE Hawk aims to streamline operations through automated workflows, provide actionable insights, and foster collaboration across the real estate domain. Discover more about the transformative potential of CRE Hawk at https://www.crehawk.com

About Standard

Standard is a technology company that provides cloud, AI, automation, software, development, and digital and physical infrastructure solutions to clients across various industries. Standard’s mission is to empower people and organizations to achieve their goals through technology and real-world infrastructure—Standard aims to enable anyone to access and contribute to the global economy.